Thompson Charlie
Author of Shattered 1: The Impact and Mindscapes, Counsellor.


Thompson Charlie

Thompson Charlie, author of “SHATTERED” novel series, was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. He grew up in the ghetto townships of Rugare and Mufakose, where he attended his high school during Zimbabwe’s transition to independence.

From around the year 2000, an exodus of people fleeing from the economic melt-down and political persecution, saw millions of Zimbabweans leave the country. In 2007, Thompson Charlie, a former school-teacher joined the multitude in exile, settling in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he became involved with unaccompanied minors and youth. Most of these young people were from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, and other neighbouring African countries. Volunteering for the Methodist Church and collaborating with UNICEF and the South African government, he advocated for the education and development of the young people.

Thompson Charlie has published some of his poems online in Poetry Potion and Munyori. Some of his works have appeared in Tsotso, Karibu and African Writers Forum Magazines. He is a founder member of the African Writers Forum, formed at Khanya College, Johannesburg. His “SHATTERED” novel series, through the central character of Bloggs, are based on displacement and making courageous responses against oppression in light of the Zimbabwean cause.

Mindscapes Volume 1 is his first collection of poetry, also written in exile.

Thompson is the founding chairman of the Zimbabwe Heritage Foundation (ZHF), a non-profit organisation working with vulnerable immigrant and refugee young people in Johannesburg. During his spare time, he also volunteers as a trauma counsellor for LifeLine Johannesburg, a non-governmental organization.

Thompson Charlie lives with his wife in Johannesburg. They have been blessed with three sons.

October 2020