Thompson Charlie
Author of Shattered 1: The Impact and Mindscapes, Counsellor.


Thompson Charlie, who has taught in a number of schools in the Mashonaland East Province and in Harare, Zimbabwe, wrote all the poems in “MINDSCAPES Volume 1” while in exile.

In these poems, Thompson Charlie explores the tragedy of displacement. Without any means of economic support, he finds his life anchorless in a foreign environment. His introspection reveals an honest and tortured sensibility appalled at his own abrogation of duty and the disintegration of his inner world. It is a poignant journey of loneliness and disillusionment with a cruel political system - after his country gained independence - that persecutes and dehumanizes its own people.

On the other hand it is over-flowing with mirth, insight and philosophy, reaching out with a fiery defiance that vibrates with hope for freedom and peace.

Mindscapes book cover

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