Thompson Charlie
Author of Shattered 1: The Impact and Mindscapes, Counsellor.


In this deeply psychological novel, displaced and running away from political persecution in Zimbabwe, Bloggs shares his macabre experiences of the regime that forced him into exile.

Depressed by his raw squalid life, the threat of ignominious death on the streets of Johannesburg and shame of failing his family, the equilibrium between his inner self and the outside world descends into chaos and mental anguish. In near despair and degradation, his blighted spirit collides with the dark forces of his extremity which triggers an amazing transformation that not only saves him but also touches the broken lives of other people around him.

Bloggs refusing to pity himself finds philosophical humour in his life situation. In Shattered 1 The Impact, it is the enduring spirit of freedom and honesty rallied with courageous responses to forces of dehumanization that constitutes nobility and hope.

Shattered book cover

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